Human Monkeypox- An Update


  • Johra Khan Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Majmaah University, Majmaah, 11952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Human monkeypox disease, Monkeypox, Orthopoxvirus, Poxviridae, Smallpox


Human monkeypox disease, a rare zoonosis endemic in Western and central Africa emerged in 56 different countries around the world with an increase of 77% in cases is a global concern.  Natural animal reservoir of monkeypox virus is still unknown; rodents and primates except human are the probable source of virus introduction to human. A clear and sufficient data about the virulence and transmissibility of human monkeypox disease is limited due to inconsistence in the epidemiological studies.  As per World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control status report smallpox vaccine is found to provide 85% immunity against human monkeypox disease.  There is currently no specific treatment available and two antibiotic drugs tecovirimat and brincidofovir can be used as supportive treatment for time being.   © 2022 iGlobal Research and Publishing Foundation. All rights reserved.


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