In vitro Inhibitory Effect on Alpha Amylase Enzyme by Polyherbal Dip Tea in Diabetes




Diabetes, Dip Tea, Management, Polyherbal, Treatment


 Objective: The present study aims to prepare novel polyherbal formulations in a unique and accessible tea bag form and also analyses the antidiabetic potentials in vitro. Material and method: The formulation was made from Ichnocarpus frutescens(IC), Ficus dalhousiae (FD), Creteva magna (CM), Alpinia galanga (AG) and Swertia chirata (SC) herbs and used in this study. Indian medicinal plants i.e., polyherbal were subjected to progressive phytochemical analysis and tests were carried out for the determination of α-amylase inhibition activity. The Phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of Alkaloids, Tannins, Anthraquinone, Flavonoids, Saponin and reducing sugar, as the active compounds. The tea infusions of the aforementioned plants were prepared in different formulations like F1, F2, F3, and F4. The formulations were tested for antidiabetic activity in vitro through the inhibition of alpha-glycosidase. Results: The F3 (91.6%) and F4 (92.7%) showed the higher inhibition data against porcine pancreatic α-amylase among the Four formulations. The minimum % alpha-amylase inhibition was recorded in F2 (90.4%) among the medicinal active plants studied. Conclusion: Hyperglycaemia level is reduced via a controllable condition of starch breakdown through pancreatic α-amylase inhibitors. Best results were obtained by the infusion containing The F2 formulation which showed significant antidiabetic activity. © 2022 iGlobal Research and Publishing Foundation. All rights reserved.


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Patwekar, M., Quazi, A. ., I.P, F. ., Kamal, M. A., M, M., Rather, G. A., & Patil, A. P. (2022). In vitro Inhibitory Effect on Alpha Amylase Enzyme by Polyherbal Dip Tea in Diabetes. Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12, 156–165.



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