A new malpractice being observed: Reviewers asking their own papers to cite


We strongly condemn the method adopted by the reviewers to increase the citations of their own published papers. We have observed that while reviewing, reviewers mention their own papers and ask authors to cite those papers while revising the manuscript.
Considering that adding the reviewer's papers will increase the chance of acceptance, so that author's do not argue and simply add those papers. But this is a serious offense and editors have reported such cases very often these days.
We strongly condemn and depreciate such behavior of the reviewers. We suggest all such reviewers to stop such practices, not only while reviewing the articles in Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, but also for all the journals and publishers. Such practice of citations increase will not actually make your work impactful. If your work will be good, it will surely be read and cited by other authors. So, be patient and be ethical while reviewing the papers.
Dr. Rajeev K Singla
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